Frequently Asked Questions

I have booked and paid for my child to attend your course/session, but now they can’t make it; can I receive a refund?2018-03-02T14:44:30+00:00

At ACE we have an exchange only policy, this means that although we won’t be able to refund the money, we can transfer your booking onto one of our future courses free of charge.


What does my child need to wear/bring to your course/session?2018-02-28T17:25:30+00:00

Children need to dressed in sports attire along with the correct footwear for the surface that the session is on. Children will also need to bring a packed lunch if attending on our of three day football fun courses along with plenty of non-fizzy fluids. Please also pack a rain jacket if possible when the forecast is rain.

The weather forecast is looking bad, will the course/session still go ahead?2018-02-28T17:23:47+00:00

ACE sessions run in all weather conditions unless deemed unsafe, if rain is torrential indoor facilities will be used where possible, so please pack alternative footwear if the forecast predicts rain

I have already filled in an application form, do I need to do this again?2018-02-28T17:21:41+00:00

If you have already completed a master application form for your child then we will have all of their details on record so you won’t need to do one again, however if any of the information has changed since filling in the form please email acefootballacademy@hotmail.com with all changes.

How many coaches will be on site at your three day football fun courses?2018-02-28T18:17:08+00:00

ACE Football Academy tries its utmost to stick to a 1:12 coaching ratio, however this may be higher at busy periods. The legal coaching ratio of 1:16 is never exceeded.

Can I spectate during the course/session?2018-02-28T17:12:56+00:00

As a parent you are welcomed to stay and spectate at any of our sessions that your child is participating in as it provides encouragement and promotes their development.

My child has never played football before, is this a problem?2018-02-28T17:11:58+00:00

Certainly not, our sessions run for children as young as 4 years of age. We aim to help and improve any child that comes to any one of our courses, regardless of their experience and ability levels.

How do I pay and book for my child to attend one of your courses/sessions?2018-02-28T17:10:25+00:00

To book onto one of our courses all you need to do is contact us through one of our contact numbers, our Facebook page or through email. Any form of contact will be replied to promptly by us here at ACE. All of our contact details can be found on our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Can I just turn up and pay on the day?2018-02-28T17:14:59+00:00

It is recommended to always book your children onto any of our courses prior to the day of the course, this saves time and the possibility of being refused due to courses being fully booked..