Development Centres

Our development centre offers a technical coaching programme delivered by qualified professional coaches with a great knowledge and appetite for the game. Our aim is to instill confidence and creativity to all players whatever their skill level in a fun and safe environment. Development centres work on a basis of 1 weekly session (1 hour) on consecutive weeks for the duration of each term. Coaching groups will be age specific, with coaching ratios of no more than 1:16.

ACE Football Academy are proud to offer the first session as a FREE taster session. This allows you the opportunity to see if we are the right company to take care of your childs football development. If you choose to sign up then you will only pay for the amount of weeks that are left of that term. However please note that all first time starters will need to purchase a kit (£30). Full ACE kit will consist of: Jumper, t-shirt, shorts and long socks (all red) with printed writing.

Monday 1-2 4-5pm Impulse Leisure Centre 3rd Sept – 10th Dec 14 Weeks - £91
Wednesday 3-6 4-5pm Impulse Leisure Centre 5th Sept – 12th Dec 14 Weeks - £91
Wednesday 5-6 5-6pm Impulse Leisure Centre 5th Sept – 12th Dec 14 Weeks - £91
Thursday 1-6 5-6pm Portslade Sports Centre 6th Sept – 13th Dec 14 Weeks - £91
Saturday Pre-School / Reception (min age 4) 9-10am Impulse Leisure Centre 8th Sept – 15th Dec 14 Weeks - £91
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